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Case study

Project Name: Weinerzilla

Project Overview

This project was about the improvement of VFX (visual effects) for several scenes in the movie titled "Weinerzilla', which was a comedic film inspired by the blockbuster movie "Dogzilla". Our main task was to work on the CGI for dog character and to reintegrate it more smoothly into the live-action shots

Client Requests and Challenges:

The client provided detailed feedback on specific shots, highlighting areas for improvement:

Increased Realism: The existence of the dog character emerged as too blackish and the complexity of the character was too weak when compared to the background. We were looking at tweaking the lighting, shifts, and edges to achieve an illusion of realism and harmony.

Selective Focus: In multiple instances, the scenery featured in the background stole attention from the main character. Smoke effects were asked for to create a wider frame and more visible dog.

Minor Inconsistencies: The customer had noted the missing elements, such as misplaced fingers and unrealistic clouds for the background. The main thing was to guarantee the harmony of the pictures in all the scenes.



Solutions and Deliverables:

Our VFX team addressed the client's requests through the following methods:

Lighting and Shadow Adjustments: We made dog’s nuances especially in the scenes with background light source and perfected the shadows to give more depth and mimic the lighting on the other live action elements.

Depth of Field Effects: We purposefully stripped off background buildings and other distant objects from the scenery to result in the shallower depth of field which spots it out in the foreground.

Edge Softening: The sharps edges of the dog character were being transformed to create more natural and realistic appearance inside the live capture scenes.

Background Consistency: We fixed the illogical cloud formations and eliminated those distractions such as incorrectly placed fingers from the beginning to the ends of the sequences.




Through the addition of these VFX features, our team was able to achieve a more realistic and visually united appearance of the CGI dog in "Weinerzilla." The relevant light adjustments, the alteration of the depth of field and the fine edge softening allowed the virtual dog to tie in more naturally with the live-action environment and finally lead to a completely immersive experience for the viewers.

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Wella Hair Dye Commercial

Case Study:

Project Name: Wella Hair Dye Commercial - Middle East Version

Project Overview:

ELIBA Design was tasked with creating a series of video commercials for Wella hair dye, specifically targeted for the Middle Eastern market. The campaign featured Cyrine Abdel Nour as the celebrity spokesperson. The campaign featured Cyrine Abdel Nour as the celebrity spokesperson.



Multiple Formats and Languages: The videos should be customized in different sizes and compositions such as (16:9, 4:5, 9:16), to fit the broadcast channels and your social media platforms. Besides, the two-fold translation service was needed.

Adapting Existing Assets: ELIBA Productions already had English video assets that got approved for the local market. These videos had to be edited and adapted for our Middle Eastern audience. This funded the integrations of Arabic subtitles and supers. This also required us to fund Arabic subtitles and supers.

Addressing Client Feedback: The client was very genuine and complete with the proof that on during the Industry required me to chop the video length, voice over timing, music volume and even minor fine details like altering wording in supers.




Video Resizing and Formatting: ELIBA Design changed and reworked all the old video assets accordingly to acquire the different aspects that various internet platforms, overall or social media ones, need.

Arabic Localization: In the process of video production, captions and title-superimpositions in Arabic were created and added to the videos in order to ensure that the target audience understand the communication.

Iterative Refinement: ELIBA designs addressed the client feedback immediately, including video length adjustments, modification of voiceover length, changes in music atmosphere and even animation, until all the client’s requests were met.



Emotional Video/Video (in various sizes and languages)

Benefit Videos (Outshining, Green Ash, Up to the Hoop Area) in all sizes and languages.

TV Commercial & Tag On (2 versions: [25 sec (in some sizes and languages) is the] compatible with most display equipment but hardly the perfect solution as 20 sec still is too short to provide an insight into the message of the advertisement.

Incremental Ad (6 sec) Roundabout of all sizes and languages.

Science Video (Varying Sizes, Languages)



Contrary to the competitors, which focused on creating generally designed video commercials, ELIBA Design produced for Wella hair dye customized video commercials that were marketed to suit the context of the middle east. The campaign drew attention of the celebrity Cyrine Abdel Nour and brought to focus the visuals with clear Arabic message that help the targeted audience to focus.

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Dancing with the Stars

Case Study:

Project Name:  Dancing with the Stars is a spectacular program that never falls short of astonishing audience's members.


Sketch the brightest and the most stylish logo for the MTV's Dancing with the Stars Middle Eastern edition. As a logo, the logo should personify the show's shine and shine and booming dancing atmosphere.


It was all 3D: we created a disco ball sign out of particles only.This technique allowed for:

Captivating Detail: The swarm of particles formed a dazzling pattern, much like a giant multifaceted disco ball.

Lifelike Reflections and Lighting: Using complicated rendering technology made the disco ball mirror and illumination look very real and brightened its light even more.

Golden Grandeur: The logo of the coffee shop was embellished with a luxurious gold color system that signified sophistication and prosperity.

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